ADSL (DC Blocking Circuits, Hybrid Circuits)

DC Blocking Circuit, Hybrid Circuit
Stable Temperature Characteristics

• Stable DSL transmission speed due to stable temperature characteristics.

[Temperature Characteristic Data]
Temperature Characteristic Data
Low Loss

• Improvements in DSL transmission speed is possible due to film capacitor's low loss.

[Frequency Characteristics Data]
Frequency Characteristics Data
Low Distortion Voltage (versus Ceramic X7R characteristics)

• Film capacitor has stable frequency characteristics and tertiary high harmonics (noise) level is low.

→Compared to Ceramic X7R characteristics and tantalum capacitors, distortion level is low and DSL transmission speed is stable.

[Distortion Voltage Measurement Data]
Distortion Voltage Measurement Data
Primary Applications


Additional Advantages

• Stable capacity, narrow tolerance
• Low distortion, low loss
→ Stable xDSL Transmission Speed

Recommended Products
16V : 104 ~ 105
50V : 473 ~ 224
10V, 16V : 101 ~ 104
250V, 400V : 103 ~ 105